The Professionals Secret Weapon

The Star-Finish anti-static gun eliminates dust and aligns the metallic particles in your paint, allowing for smoother paint flow and improved colour matching.

How do you use it?

Attach to an air-hose and blow the vehicle down immediately before applying paints or primers. It’s that simple!

How does it work?

Working on a car in a paint shop builds-up a static charge across the vehicle surface. Rubbing down, wiping down and even touching the car can cause static build-up. 

This static electricity can cause the metallic particles in automotive paint to settle unevenly while also attracting dust and other small particles which can impact the quality of your finish.

The Star Finish Anti-Static gun neutralizes the ions which cause static electricity, allowing you to maximize the quality of your paint job.


  • Faster prep times.
  • Improves paint flow.
  • Reduces paint consumption.
  • Provides better colour uniformity.
  • Delivers a top-quality result with less effort.

The Star Finish Anti-Static Gun will more than pay for itself by reducing re-work, reducing pain consumption and speeding-up prep-time.

How static impacts the finish of your paint job.

Mix Plast Star Finish Anti-Static Gun

The professional's secret weapon!

Technical Data

  • Weight: 870g.
  • Air consumption: less than 0.45 MPa - below 60psi.
  • Dimensions: W70 X D200 X L300.
  • Easy to self-service the unit when required – electrode replacement
  • Manufactured in France by MixPlast.
  • Ergonomic design Latest nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMh) rechargeable battery. (Not to be confused with nickel-hydrogen battery). - Powerful, strong battery life 4 days + and fast recharge 4 hours Outstanding build quality 3-year warranty.
  • Strong built-in magnet for wall mounting (keeps tool off the bench reducing the chance of damage).

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